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Welcome to Mail Boxes Etc. Greece

Pack & Ship

National & Worldwide shipping

Mail Boxes Etc. manages your shipments throughout Greece and Worldwide, whether you need to ship a single package sporadically, whether your shipments are continuous and structured. According to the needs of the times and service level the best express courier that responds to your needs is chosen for you. Mail Boxes Etc. can manages your shipments worldwide, by shipping documents, envelopes, parcels up to pallets and beyond everything is all handled from the start to the delivery, even any customs procedure.


MBE Import is the service that allows you to receive documents and parcels from anywhere in the world.

Professional packing

Specialized Staff in the MBE Centres put its experience and expertise at your service to offer you a professional packing service that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Isothermal shippings

Maintaining the “cold chain” is one of the key points for the transport of perishable products, such as frozen or fresh food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, etc. The people in MBE Centers will be able to suggest the solution that best suits your needs according to the type and quality of the product, the transport temperature, average outdoor temperature and duration of transport.

MBE SafeValue

MBE SafeValue it is an all in one solution for packing, shipping and coverage against loss and in-transit damages.

Pallets shipping

If you have the need to ship pallets of merchandise, in Italy or abroad, Mail Boxes Etc. provides you with the Pallets shipping service. Handling of pallets is done by specialist teams in the management of spaces, loading and uploading procedures of warehouses.

Wine shipping

If you need to ship the wine, whether you are a private or company, if it is a bottle or a lot more, MBE has the right solution for you.

Graphic Design & Print

Outdoor advertising

What works for normal conditions might not for more challenging situations. We can tackle print communications no matter where they need to be seen.

Digital & Offset printing

Digital printing combines high print quality, reasonable volumes and affordable cost. Offset printing is optimal for larger print runs, higher volumes and more precise quality demands.

Special support printing

MBE print-to-suit specialists are knowledgeable about countless materials, finishes, shapes and sizes.

Trade Fair communications

Special venues require special products. Would you like to be visible and effective in your communication or just someone among all the others?

Photos printing

You can print your digital images on many different supports. Photographs, photobooks, Photo-calendars and Photo-Gadgets: fix your memories or make a gift to someone.

Graphic design

MBE’s “Your Graphics & Print Network” simplifies access to a boundless world of professional, creative and effective graphic design and print products. Every company worthy of its name  has to have a professional and appealing image. We know the start-ups’ requirements such as those of the well established companies.

Print Marketing & Communication

Size does not matter.  Whether you are a single person or large enterprise, we can handle all types and quantities of print-for-communication requirements.

Postal and Mailbox Services

MBE Address - Mailing Domiciliation

Your personal address at an MBE Center to receive parcels, letters, mails, business documents, etc.

Registered letter

In the MBE Centers, in addition to the normal registered letter you can send your correspondence with the following Nexive specialist services:

  • Formula Certa ©
  • Recommended Classic
  • Recommended Classic A / R

Direct Mailing

At Mail Boxes Etc. Centers is available the service of professional Direct Mailing. MBE offers you an complete range from more traditional mailing with brochures and custom envelope, to the more economical and simple with postcard mailing.

Hold for pick-up

You can pick up your package or documents from our store at hours adjusted to your schedule and shop hours.

MBE Products and Services

Packing materials

If you prefer to do it yourself, in Mail Boxes Etc. Centers you can buy the proper packaging for every item: you can find all the materials for the professional packing to protect and preserve your precious, fragile and expensive transport and storage .

MBE Web Service - Website creation

MBE Web Service is the professional web site creation service for your business that allows you to have online visibility with costs that are tailored to your needs.

Printer cartridges and toner

MBE print is the new range of Cartridges & Toner of Mail Boxes Etc. that allows you to save money while respecting the environment. The MBE print products are compatible and refurbished with high quality and allow you to save money without sacrificing print quality: through rigorous criteria that ensure durability, performance and color quality.

Office supplies

Mail Boxes Etc. Centers offer a large assortment of office products with high quality and affordable: paper in various color and weights, envelopes of various types and sizes, ring binders, folders, pads, Post-it®, pens, pencils, markers, glue, staplers, scissors, etc.

Binding and laminating

Our laminators will help you protect important documents from moisture and general wear and tear. Laminating machines are easy to use and laminating sheets are available in different sizes to suit ID cards, photos or whatever you want to laminate.

Virtual office

If you have just started up, or your business is based at your home, outside the U.K. or perhaps you’re always on the road, a virtual office solution could make your life a lot easier, as well as making the right impression on your customers.

Money transfer

The Western Union – Money Transfer service allows you to receive or send cash around the world, easily, quickly and safely. Thanks to a network of more than 400,000 locations in over 200 countries, you may send your money to your destination in a few minutes.

Making Business Easier Worldwide

Discover Mail Boxes Etc.

Mail Boxes Etc. (MBE) facilitates the activities of entrepreneurs, people and businesses, worldwide, through our easy-access distribution network and customized services and products delivered with a distinguished and unique level of customer service.

Through an international network of entrepreneurs, MBE operates in the Business Services industry serving mainly small and medium-sized companies and providing value-added services that are aimed at increasing the efficiency of companies’ main business functions through the outsourcing of their support processes.

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Solutions for turning an idea into effective communication

MBE’s breadth of products, services, skills and resources, helps small-sized companies communicate in big-sized markets worldwide.

We work for you

Our customers link their lives and businesses to MBE. MBE entrepreneurs link the success of their business to their customers.
We make it happen.

We are near you

Just call or walk-in to speak with to real people about the best way to reach your marketing goals. If you cannot visit us, we will evencome to your business!

We are like you

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