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Pack & Ship

At Mail Boxes Etc. we are experts in packing and worldwide parcel delivery. Whatever you want to send, wherever it’s going, we offer the right parcel delivery service to meet your specific needs every time. No-one has a wider range of big-name carriers to choose from, and our professional packing means your parcel will be secure in transit, arriving safely at its destination.

National & Worldwide shipping

Mail Boxes Etc. manages your shipments throughout Greece and Worldwide, whether you need to ship a single package sporadically, whether your shipments are continuous and structured.

According to the needs of the times and service level the best express courier that responds to your needs is chosen for you.

Mail Boxes Etc. can manages your shipments worldwide, by shipping documents, envelopes, parcels up to pallets and beyond everything is all handled from the start to the delivery, even any customs procedure.


MBE Import is the service that allows you to receive documents and parcels from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to MBE Import it is possible to buy from foreign suppliers with the same simplicity with which you buy from the national ones, without having to worry about customs matters.

360 ° consulting
In the MBE Centers you will find professionals in shipping, import, export and micro-logistics services. Our specialized and competent customs advisors and the application of the correct procedures will allow you to import and export according to your specific needs.

Why use MBE Import
Receiving from raw materials, semi-finished products, products or purchases from auction houses, occasionally or continuously, for small or large quantities of goods is easy with MBE: thanks to the know-how of the staff and the flexibility of the MBE Import service .

Professional packing

Specialized Staff in the MBE Centres put its experience and expertise at your service to offer you a professional packing service that you can hardly find elsewhere.

Packing techniques, use of special materials and the accuracy in al the packaging stages allow you to save time, money and drastically reduce the risk of breakage avoiding subsequent problems. From wine cellars in polystyrene for wine and champagne bottles, wooden crates for complex expeditions such as those of paintings, antique furniture, statues, to the special packaging for musical instruments, sports equipment and ceramic objects are just a few examples.

Isothermal shippings

Maintaining the “cold chain” is one of the key points for the transport of perishable products, such as frozen or fresh food, pharmaceuticals, flowers, etc. The people in MBE Centers will be able to suggest the solution that best suits your needs according to the type and quality of the product, the transport temperature, average outdoor temperature and duration of transport.

The solutions proposed by Mail Boxes Etc. fit specific needs and are designed according to the characteristics of the transport to be carried out or the individual delivery.

Typically a shipment at controlled temperature takes place in the following way:

  • removal from the place of manufacture or storage refrigerated room
  • positioning in our isothermal containers together with the Geen Ice® (for chilled shipments 0 ° / + 5 ° C) or Green Ice Ultra® (for frozen shipments <-20 ° C)
  • transportation to your destination in a controlled temperature and repositioning in refrigerated cells or refrigerators

During the phases of handling the product remains in an optimal temperature range and keep its characteristics conditions.

The service of temperature controlled shipping has been developed taking into account the peculiarities of:

  • producers and fresh or frozen food distributors
  • producers and distributors drugs
  • clinical laboratories
  • shipping of samples
  • e-commerce food
MBE SafeValue

MBE SafeValue it is an all in one solution for packing, shipping and coverage against loss and in-transit damages.

It is the only shipping service for high economical value goods that consider, in case of loss or damage, not only the reimbursemnt of the good’s value but also ship and packing costs charged at the MBE Center.

MBE SafeValue covers a wide range of goods*, such as high-tech objects, works of art, musical instruments, old valuable books, etc., and it’s appliable only on shipments performed by carriers which MBE have a frame agreement with.

Pallets shipping

If you have the need to ship pallets of merchandise, in Italy or abroad, Mail Boxes Etc. provides you with the Pallets shipping service. Handling of pallets is done by specialist teams in the management of spaces, loading and uloading procedures of warehouses.

Personalized pick-up, continuous assistance, material tracking, notification delivery, reporting: for this particular type of forwarding you can count on a reliable partner and enjoy the same quality level of express services.

Wine shipping

If you need to ship the wine, whether you are a private or company, if it is a bottle or a lot more, MBE has the right solution for you.

Whether you are a wine producer, wholesaler, owner of a wine shop, restaurant owner, sommelier or just an enthusiast who has the need to ship wine and sparkling wine, for sale or personal use, you can entrust to Mail Boxes Etc. the entire management:

  • withdrawal on request
  • packaging materials technical specialist
  • document management
  • management of any customs and tax practices
  • making available the most suitable express courier
  • shipment tracking up to destination

Professional wine shipping to Italy, Europe and even extra-EU countries.

Wine export for personal use in the USA
MBE also offers a specific shipping service that allows you to ship wine for personal use in the United States which may include full handling of taxes and customs duties upon request and importing notification of wine as required by the Food and Drug Administration.